Build Up Followers of Christ . . .
Sharing His love in word and deed . . .

With Edinburg, IL
and Beyond!

We are a community of faith


with a PURPOSE “to have a strong relationship with God,”

and a MISSION “to build up followers of Jesus Christ by sharing His love in word and deed,”

and a VISION of Edinburg and the world “as a community of peace, joyfully embracing all of creation with love and support as we all worship God wholly!”

The Rev. Caleb McGregor, pastor (until June 30th)
The Rev. Randy Burwell, pastor (beginning July 1st)

A Little About Us

Sunday Morning Worship Service

9:00 - 10:00 am

Live Streamed on our Facebook Page
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In-person worship continues.

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COVID-19 Guidelines

1. We are in Phase 4 for our Region of Illinois; this allows for 50 or fewer people to assemble in person.
2. Everyone inside the building is asked to wear a face mask, particularly while fellowshipping and singing.
3. There WILL be congregational singing.
4. All pews are now open; be conscious of those around you and their comfortability.
5. Offering plates and other objects are no longer passed through the pews.
6. Hand-sanitizer and masks are available to all.
7. Our building is thoroughly cleaned each week between services. 8. Holy Communion (first Sundays) utilizes pre-packaged elements.

You Are Welcome Here!

All are welcome here!  ALL!

You are loved and loveable!

Come as you are!

We are wheelchair accessible!

We are child-friendly!


Sunday, May 23rd worship service will at the Ponting Field Pavilion in Stonington, IL at 10:30 am
with Stonington UMC. 
Angelo’s to cater the lunch. 
Click here to reserve your meal.

EUMC Announces New Pastor (July 1st)

The EUMC Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) Chair, Max Wayman, announced on Sunday, March 14th during the Sunday morning worship service that our new pastor will be Rev. Randy Burwell, effective July 1st.  The SPRC has been working closely with District Superintendent Bradley Watkins to help discern this new alignment and pastoral assignment.  The SPRC met with Rev. Randy Burwell the week prior and approved his appointment.  EUMC will no longer be aligned with Stonington UMC but will be a two-point “charge” with Midland UMC in Kincaid, where Rev. Burwell currently serves.  EUMC will retain their Sunday worship hour of 9:00 am.

Pastor Caleb Announces His move

On Sunday, February 28th, Pastor Caleb made public his move into the Wisconsin Annual Conference.  June 30th will be his last day as the Edinburg-Stonington UMCs pastor and July 1st will be the beginning of his appointment at Port Edwards United Methodist Church in Port Edwards, WI.  The Staff-Parish Relations Committee is already working hard with our District Superintendent to discern your new pastor.  Pastor Caleb made this decision to move purely for personal reasons and the opportunities that are aligning themselves in WI.  He will be leaving with warm feelings and good memories, new friends made, and innumerable life lessons and ministry experience.  Pastor Caleb’s last day in the church pulpit is Sunday, June 13th.  A farewell potluck will take place on that Sunday at noon.  The following Sunday, Edinburg UMC will join with Midland for worship.  Then the Sunday after that, Midland will join Edinburg UMC for worship.

In-person continues