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Dates & Meetings

Fellowship Class – Tuesday, July 13th @ 11:30 am @ Manners Park (bring own lunch)

United Methodist Women – No Meeting in July

Choir Practiceevery Thursday – 6:30 pm

Church Council – Wednesday, August 4th – 7:00 pm

Ministry Team – No Meeting in August


Weekly - Monthly Prayers

Weekly Prayer Requests:

The following are the prayer requests brought forward during the worship service (first names only).
     From 2/7/21: Helen B. (Sandy’s mom, broke her hip); Jim. S.; John M/ (Randy’s brother – in hospital with COVID-19); Tammy (Maggie’s cousin – final stages of pancreatic cancer); Blanche L.; Aimee (difficult pregnancy); Glenn L. (shingles in eyes).
     From 2/14/21: Emma B.; Kathy F.; Helen B. (Sandy’s mom)
     From 2/21/21: family of Tammy R. (Maggie’s cousin); Randy M.; prayers that our family and loved ones will stay loving
                                 and kind in this time of need on this earth; Flanagan family (sinus); Emma B. Family; Bonnie’s niece’s newborn;
                                 Helen B.; Adrienne O. (surgery); Family of Suzi H (died last Sunday of COVID-19); the Jessie A. family;
                                 Dale C. (very sick after stem cell transplant)
     From 2/28/21: Tammy R.; Laura H.; family of Michelle W.; Brenda S. (Bill’s sister-in-law); co-worker who lost sister and father
                                 in one week due to COVID-19; Dawn T. (surgery on ankle)
     From 3/7/21: Ben P. (Nancy’s niece’s husband, in hospital); Dale C. (home from hospital, still very weak and in need of prayer)
     From 3/14/21: Charlotte J.B. (cancer treatments); Ava M. (11-month-old with cancer; 5% of survival); Bob R.; Clare C.
     From 3/21/21: Blanche L. 
     From 3/28/21: Charlie R., Blanche L.
     From 4/4/21: no prayers were shared
     From 4/11/21: Carlotta’s sister Carolyn (thyroid surgery); John C. (COVID-19); Blanche L.; Treva S.; Charlie R.; 
     From 4/18/21: B. Grisham’s parents (moved to assisted living); Charlie R. (heart procedure on Friday)
     From 4/25/21: D. Clarke (stem cell transplant, is now cancer free! Strength slowly returning); Brenda (Bill’s sister-in-law);
                                 D. Williams (Bill’s neighbor); Linda H. (struggles with M.S.); Bill C. (good medical report);
                                 Family of Beth Fasero;  
Lee B. fell while mushroom hunting; Margaret’s forthcoming surgery.
     From 5/2/21: Betty D. (spots on liver, cancer?); Margaret L. (knee replacement surgery – Tuesday);
                               family of Vicky Reed Beatty (Nancy’s niece); Lee B.; Charlie R.
     From 5/9/21: Ron C., Brenda Sch., Baby June is having surgery on the 14th in Chicago, Margaret had a successful knee surgery,
                              prayers for a complete and speedy recovery for her.  Bishop Frank J. Beard (severe blindness in both eyes).
     From 5/16/21:  opening hearts for new church change; the Paul R. Family; Brent C.; Dick D.; Jim C.; our bishop
     From 5/23/21: Margaret L. (continued healing from knee surgery)
     From 5/30/21: Margaret L. (continued healing)
     From 6/6/21: Betty D (liver cancer); Brenda S.; J. & B. Cornel; Jim C.; D. Ring (lymphoma); The Glenna Lawson family;
                               B. Cofflin (medical issues)

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